Clash Of Clans: Top Tips And Tricks You Have To Understand

Clash of Clans is one of polarizing games that and the most widely used now exists. You can still find some secret tips and tricks most people are not conscious of though millions of people have played the game obsessively. Here, we present our list of the top hack para clash of clans tips and tricks every Clash of Clan player needs to understand. Well, what have you been waiting for? Check them out for yourself below!

Number Eight: Do not Spend Stone for Your Convenience

Rather than spending your stone to speed the advancement of the game up, save them and have some patience. Sure, you will have the perk of instant gratification if you spend them right away, but you never understand how those jewels could save your (virtual) life later on.

Number Seven: In Clash of Clans, The Best Offense Is a Good Defense

If you are an offensive player, do not forget to build up at least some semblance of a defense (and vice versa). Playing with the game optimally demands a balance of both defensive and attacking moves, and it is important to understand when to make which call. If you are focused on defense, for example, be sure to build up walls and your town hall first, but do not fail your barracks.

Number Six: Use Your Shields

40 percent of your town was ruined and if you are in the midst of an assault, you then are automatically given a shield that lasts 12 hours. Do not attack right away, when you get this shield. Rather, focus on rebuilding your military, your market, and updating your towers.

Number Five: Compartmentalize

One of the most fundamental notions of Clash of Clans is to keep as many walls between your resources and potential enemies as possible. The best method to achieve this really is to first construct a wall around your margin that does not have any differences. Keep your constructions as close together as possible, and form compartments with walls that are updated. If and if you are assaulted, this will impede the advance of your enemy rather considerably.